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Applying A Well-Prepared Situational Awareness Mindset To Your Daily Life 
Whether you are a frequent, seasoned or light business traveler, business owner, homemaker, college student, you may need to consider attending this insightful webinar.
Limited time. Absolutely Free!

Tuesday, May 15th

@ 11:00AM PST, 6:00PM EST

If you missed this one,  NO WORRIES!!

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Very limited webinar... first come first serve. Limited time.

Nicky Dare

H O S T 
Certified Firearms Instructor, RSO, CERT, Advocate to Safety and Preparedness, Author of "The Audacity of Veracity", Founder iDARE® 501(c)(3)

David Gray

Former U. S. Marine and PMC, CEO of Deimos Security Inc.. Author of Demon by Knight, Z1Nx3: Apocalypse Survivor's Journal, LUKMIA-AIR
What You Will Learn On This Free Life-Saving Webinar:
Safety is Personal Responsibility
Situational awareness is a key factor in daily survival. This overview provides basic knowledge, skills and attitude for developing a strategy for your personal safety and situational awareness.  You will learn strategies, tips and techniques to become aware of your surroundings, at home, work, school, or on street.

The Power of Mental Awareness
How does Situational Awareness save lives? Utilize these innate skills to improve self protection.  Just being aware of environment is not going to stop a situation, but it will give you an advantage and edge over people who are unaware.  If you are not aware nor notice these things around you, your chances of surviving are greatly reduced. 

Applying "Condition Yellow"
What and Why is "Condition Yellow" so important? And Why is it important for us to adopt this?  Learn the fundamentals of deescalate vs escalate, the use of force. You will learn how to apply and understand these color codes of mental awareness into your daily routine and lifestyle.  
And...What's Next? 

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